Lunch on Tuesdays

A HOT meal is something many of us often take for granted.

For homeless people a hot meal is a luxury and in some cases something they may only receive once a week, if at all.

Our meals provide a hearty, nutritious meal to people who are homeless, socially disadvantaged and isolated. It’s a program that not only feeds, it also provides opportunities for people to reconnect and develop a sense of community and belonging.

Our team of support workers are always present to serve, as well as ready to listen, talk and, connect with people and offer help.

Our valued helpers are made up of individuals from Nowra Baptist Church, other Churches in the district and, caring individuals from the community.

Where possible we also help with blankets, clothing, and other items which most people take for granted but some homeless and marginalised people can’t afford.

We love what we do and take pleasure in serving the needs of these people.